Poll: California Voters Approve Of State's Direction, Not Nation's

Most California voters approve of the state's direction but not the nation's.

Mark Baldassare with the nonpartisan Public Policy Institute say this annual poll of likely voters shows 51-percent think the state is generally going in the right direction and more than 70-percent approve of new Governor Gavin Newsom's budget plan.

But two-thirds think the nation as a whole is on the wrong track and only 18-percent think President Trump and the new Congress will be able to work together, the smallest number in the poll's 12-year history.

Only 28-percent consider illegal immigration a crisis and 62-percent oppose the President's proposed border wall.

Among the quesitons Californians were asked if they approve of the performance of Democratic House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Republican Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy. The results suggest Californians prefer the Democrat.

"For Speaker Pelosi, 50-percent of likely voters said that they approve of the job she's doing," noted Baldassare. "For Kevin McCarthy, 28-percent of likely voters said they approve of the job that he's doing."

When asked about the most important issues Governor Newsom and the Legislature should address no one issue saw a majority, but poll director Mark Baldassere those surveyed did list three key concerns, including immigration and illegal immigration, education, and economic issues like jobs.

The poll also gave generally good marks for Governor Gavin Newsom and two-thirds said they are optimistic the Governor and legislature can work together.


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