Auto Parts Retailer To Pay $24K Fine For Violating CA Climate Regulations

Auto parts retailer Golden State Supply has agreed to pay $24,461 for violating a California regulation which governs emissions of a gas found in do-it-yourself containers of automotive refrigerant, which is used to recharge motor vehicle air conditioners.

According the California Air Resource Board, the global warming potential from just one 12-ounce can of automotive refrigerant is equivalent to the carbon dioxide emissions from burning 150 gallons of gasoline. That would be about the same amount of gas you would use to drive from San Francisco to New York then back across the country as far as Colorado.

Roanoke, Virginia-based Golden State Supply is better known as Carquest and is a subsidiary of Advanced Auto Parts, one of the largest auto parts chains in the country.

"Preventing emissions from these do-it-yourself cans makes a big difference," California Air Resources Board Enforcement Division Chief Todd Sax said, "and a crucial element is accurate reporting of both sales and returns of the cans and containers. This is especially important now because the deadline for this required reporting is March 1."

Golden State Supply reportedly admitted to CARB officials that it sold cans of refrigerant in California that were not certified by the board between 2014 and 2016. The company also failed to provide a required report on refrigerant sales to CARB. Those reports are considered crucial for determining how many used cans have been recycled each year.

The $24,461 penalty represents the first settlement for the particular regulatory program.

Manufacturers, retailers and distributors of small cans of automotive refrigerant in California must submit annual report data to CARB by March 1 of each year.


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