CA Lawmaker Proposes Increased Penalty For Distracted Driving

Some California lawmakers want the state to crack down on distracted driving. Assemblyman Jim Frazier authored a bill that would increase the penalty for using a cell phone behind the wheel.

"The punishment for using a phone in violation of the law while driving is far too lenient," said Frazier. "It is a small fine, a fraction of the fine for tossing litter on the road."

Currently, the base fine in California for texting and driving is 20-dollars for the first offense and 50-dollars for the second violation, with possible additional penalties. Frazier introduced Assembly Bill 47 this week. It would add a point to the driving record of anyone convicted of texting and driving.

Actor Erik Estrada is supporting Assemblymember Jim Frazier's bill.

"Experts say there are 400,000 accidents annually from people who drive distracted," said Estrada, who is best know for playing a California Highway Patrol officer on television.

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