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CA Orange Day Rally To Prevent Teen Domestic Violence

As officials prepared for the State of the State inside the California Capitol on Tuesday, legislators and teen representatives stood in solidarity on the steps outside.

Speeches from teen activists and lawmakers were heard during this years' Orange Day Rally to prevent teen domestic violence. High school student Jezzel Martinez made the trip to the Capitol with other students to share their experiences. "I feel like it's a big stigma or taboo, that dating violence in teens is temporary," said Martinez. "So, they get to let us speak and get our perspective, too."

State Senator Maria Elena Durazo agreed that the most important voices to listen too when it comes to teen violence, are those of the teens themselves. "We know that at that young age they are experiencing this kind of violence if we do nothing we're wrong."

Following the rally there was an discussion among organizers and students about approaches to combate the problem.

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