Is California Prepared For An Emergency?

A new state by state report, the Ready or Not Report, provides an overview of our nations readiness for public health emergencies. It’s a snapshot of every state’s level of public health and emergency preparedness.

“The ability, for example, to increase resources whether it’s healthcare providers, or laboratory testing abilities of a state in a period of an emergency or crisis,” said Dr. Nadine Gracia with Trust For America’s Health.

Gracia says the annual analysis of a state’s capabilities to ready themselves in an emergency is especially important during a time when it seems risks are increasing.

The report looks at things like infection control, resources and quality of health departments. It’s an extensive list, but those of which California ranked well.

Gracia says one way California can improve its readiness is by increasing it’s flu vaccination rate which last year at 40% was just below the national average.

“As with all states, there are areas and opportunities for improvement when you look at emergency preparedness and planning in response,” added Gracia.

Sates were grouped into three performance tiers. California is in the middle tier.

“Look at its accreditation which means being evaluated by organizations that look at the quality of the performances of health departments. California is accredited both for public health and emergency preparedness,” explained Gracia.

California also has a plan for lab search capacities for infection disease surveillance and also has an increase in its public health funding.

The detailed report can be found here.


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