Love Is In The Air; For Some It's Sorrow.

Valentine’s Day. A hallmark day to celebrate love, togetherness, friendship. A day that celebrates love, but for many people the day of hearts, gifts and cards can mean struggle, grief and sadness. A new Valentine Helpline launching in California will help support those mourning loss.

“For a recently widowed individual or for a person who’s lost a significant loved one in their life, it can be a real challenge to face that day alone,” said Robin Fiorelli with VITAS Healthcare.

VITAS Healthcare is launching the Valentine Helpline with bereavement specialists ready to take your call. You’re not alone.

“They’ll be available to provide support, They’ll be able to listen to the mourner tell their story about their loved one and provide resources as well. Referrals to support groups, tips about managing Valentine’s Day grief, assisting your children with grief, etc,” added Fiorelli.

Valentine’s Day can be a dark time if you’re missing anyone you love. It can be an isolating day too and especially lonely if you don’t want to talk to people you know about your sorrow.

“Sometimes we don’t want to burden other loved ones, our family and our friends with our grief. It can be very helpful to speak with a neutral party and to somebody who is an expert in understanding the different manifestations of grief.”

Fiorelli says bereavement specialists can also help people understand whether what they’re feeling is normal and give them tips on how to make it through the day, maybe even the year.

The Valentine Helpline is taking calls all day Valentine’s Day helping people cope with the loss and sadness the day may bring. Every call is completely free.

Specialists can be reached on the helpline by calling 844.218.4827. *The helpline will be available on Valentine’s Day, Thursday, February 14, 2019, from 5 a.m. PST to midnight PST.


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