CA May Drop Speed Limits For Special Lanes On I-5 And Highway 99

Speed limits might soon be a thing of the past for some lanes of the I-5 and Highway 99 in an effort to reduce air pollution and greenhouse gases in California.

A measure introduced by Orange County State Senator John Moorlach would result in the construction of two more lanes on the northbound and southbound I-5 and Highway 99, which would have no maximum speed limit. However, surrounding lanes on the roadway would still be governed by the 65 miles-per-hour speed limit.

The Republican lawmaker's bill states that traffic makes vehicles stand still longer and therefore contributes to green house gas emissions. It also says the intent is to provide an alternative to the "high speed rail system" that was started by Governor Jerry Brown. However, Brown's successor, Governor Gavin Newsom, said in his State of the State address recently said he wants to pull the plug on most of the bullet train project due to the overwhelming costs.



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