Sac Co DA Won't Charge Stephon Clark Protesters

Sacramento County District Attorney Anne Marie Schubert has decided not file charges against of any the 84 people who were arrested during a protest on Monday night in East Sacramento. That protest was in response to Schubert's decision nearly one week ago to not to file criminal charges against the Sacramento Police Department officers who shot and killed Stephon Clark outside his grandparents home in March of 2018. The officers said they thought the 22-year-old Clark had a gun, but he was holding a cellphone. He was suspected of vandalism.

Schubert issued a statement on her decision on Friday in which she wrote, "(her) office received and reviewed Sacramento Police Department reports related to the arrests of 84 protesters on the evening on March 4, 2019 in East Sacramento. In the interest of justice, no charges will be filed in any of the case submitted."

The East Sacramento march was of several protests which have taken place since Schubert's decision to not prosecute the police officers involved in the Clark shooting.

The Monday arrests took place well over two hours into the march after police officers issued orders to the protesters to disperse.

At least three religious leaders were among the people arrested, and a Sacramento Bee reporter was detained but later released.

The Sacramento Police Department also issued a Friday statement about the arrests. The statement read in part, "(some) participants left the area, however, a large group remained. In the interest of community safety, protection of property and after multiple requests to disperse were made, officers proceeded with an orderly arrest process."

The department also included in the statement a series of photographs allegedly of damage to cars caused by the protesters.

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