Sac Area Students Rally For Government Action On Climate Change

Students from all over the Sacramento region walked out of class and rallied against what they see as a lack of government commitment in addressing climate change. The rally took place on the west steps of the Capitol Friday on the same day as their peers held similar demonstrations worldwide.

Organizer Austin Michael says they want a Green New Deal nationally but also in California.

"We as Sacramentans have a unique opportunity to lobby legislators in this very building to ensure it passes," said Michael in regards to Assembly Joint Resolution 7. The description of that measure says it would "encourage the United States Congress to enact a Green New Deal that would, among other things, comprehensively address our current climate emergency, transform our economy to one that places the health and wellness of communities at its center, promotes ecological resilience, and restores biodivesity."

Jessie Park from Riverside County says lawmakers who don't believe climate change is real are standing on their last leg.

"They're naive to not believe in climate science," Insisted Park. "Really we have all of the facts, we have the reports, we have scientists around the clock doing work on this, so if they can't believe the reports their giving they don't belong in office."

Also on Friday, San Francisco students marched up Market Street to the local office of Senator Dianne Feinstein, while a second group gathered in front of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's office.

Those visits were followed by a rally at Union Square.

Speakers encouraged students to be conscious of environmental issues.


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