Sac Immigration Advocates Publish Comic Book On What To Do When ICE Knocks

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Immigration advocates from Sacramento and Yolo county came together on Monday to announce that they are releasing two publications that will assist people living in the United States illegally and their allies if they encounter ICE agents on the street, at their home, while at work, and even while incarcerated.

The Council on American-Islamic Relations Sacramento, Sacramento Area Congregations Together, Sacramento Immigration Coalition members, and the publisher of the Sacramento News & Review, N & R Publications, held a news conference on N & R's release of "If ICE Comes Knocking" books. One publication contains information in the form of narrative stories, while the other illustrates the same points graphically in a comic book style.

The publications are sponsored by the Independent Journalism Fund, The California Endowment, LULAC, ACLU of Northern California and Communities for a New California. They will be distributed in Sacramento, Yolo, and San Joaquin counties.

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