Santa Rosa Man Answers Complaint By Neighbor With Nude Mannequins

Santa Rosa resident Jason Windus built a new fence around his property only to have a neighbor complained about the height of the structure. Photo courtesy of Jason Windus and Facebook.

A Santa Rosa resident is retaliating against a nosy neighbor with nude mannequins.

Jason Windus has decorated his street-side yard with anatomically-correct dummies after the city forced him to reduce his fence height.

Windus tell the Press Democrat he spent nine-thousand-dollars to build a six-foot fence to contain his two large dogs, but an unknown neighbor complained that it violated a rule that limits fence heights along sidewalks to three-feet.

Windus happened to save some mannequins he acquired from his hauling business, so he set them up in wicker chairs behind the shortened fence at his Peterson Lane home and covered their privates with plastic shamrocks.

One of the nude mannequins Santa Rosa resident Jason Windus has used to decorate his yard in response to a neighbor's complaint about his new fence.  Photo courtesy of Jason Windus and Facebook.


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