Gov Newsom Talks Affordable Housing Shortage With Sacto Midtown Renters

On Tuesday Governor Gavin Newsom met with people who say they have been directly affected by a lack of affordable housing in California to learn more about their concerns. The round table discussion in Sacramento also highlighted budget items proposed by the Governor to attack the crisis head on.

During the Midtown Sacramento event, Newsom listened to people people like 27-year-old a young only identified as Taylor. She said she is living with two roommates just to be able to pay the rent.

"We're also grown women, we all work all full-time jobs, yet we have to live together because we can't afford to live on our own."

Newsom told reporters that Governor Brown and the California Legislature had starting to focus more on the shortage of affordable housing in recent years. He said he is convinced there is now forward momentum.

"I want to keep that momentum going. You see in the budget that we put in 1.75-billion dollars of additional money to help finance and jump start housing production, tax credit, and alike."

Newsom says preventing homelessness is also important. He wants lawmakers to put forth bills addressing affordability of rents in the state.


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