California DMV Suffering Significant Underlying Weaknesses, Says Report

Auditors from the California Department of Finance on Wednesday came out with a scathing report on Department of Motor Vehicles procedures. According to that report, the DMV did not properly prepare for customers wanting to get new federally approved driver licenses, and that led to widely publicized hours-long wait times DMV offices in 2018.

The audit says that the DMV had significant deficiencies in planning and implementation during the time many Californians were trying to upgrade their driver licenses to what are known as Real IDs and meet new federal security requirements.

The new licenses will be required at airport security checkpoints for people who travel by air. Transportation Security Agency officials will not accept anything other than cards with special markings after October 1, 2020. The Real ID cards are only available to those who apply for them in person at state DMV offices.

According to the audit, long lines that left drivers and some state lawmakers upset were a symptom of significant underlying weaknesses within the department. They include outdated computers and problems with scheduling appointments.

Department officials must submit a corrective action plan within 60 days.

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More Drivers License Delays At The DMV!
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