Videos Show Sac PD Officers Stopping Man From Jumping Off Highway Overpass

Officers with the Sacramento Police Department are being credited with saving a man's life, and newly released video shows how it happened.

The officers responded to a call regarding a man who having a "mental crisis" and threatening to jump off the highway overpass at Tribute Road and and Highway 160 in Sacramento on morning of March 4 of this year.

As two officers approached him, the man climbed up on the bridge railing in what appears to be an attempt to jump onto the highway below. The video from one officer's body camera shows him racing up to the man and grabbing him before he can jump. Another officer arrives seconds later and helps to gain control of the man who can be heard crying loudly.


The man was taken to a local hospital for "appropriate treatment."

In 2018, officers responded to 10,999 calls for service that were mental health related, according to information from the Sacramento Police Department. Through March 27th of this year, officers have reportedly responded to 2,951 calls for service that have been mental health related.

Police officials say that last year the department created a full-time Mental Health Unit to establish a comprehensive approach for responding to mental illness in the community. The MHU reportedly consists of a Mobile Crisis Support Team that responds to calls for service associated with individuals experiencing a mental health crisis with the goal of addressing the crisis. This team consists of a Sacramento County Division of Behavior Health licensed mental health professional and a Sacramento Police Officer.



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