River Cats and Make a Wish Foundation Make Teenager's Dream Come True

The Sacramento River Cats are helping a teenage cancer patient realize his dream.

After almost three years of leukemia treatments, Alex Quinoz will be flying to Hawaii later this month thanks to the Giants' Triple-A affiliate and the Make a Wish Foundation.

The 13-year old is looking forward to a helicopter ride over the islands.

“I’ve always wanted to see what it looks like inside of a volcano,” said Quinoz.

Team President Jeff Savage watched as Quinoz spent the River Cats’ media day as a member of the team.

“He came in and had his photo taken,” Savage said with a smile. “Autographs were done. He was in the team photo. He had his own locker and uniform. He was one of the guys!”

Even though the evening’s exhibition game was rained out, the players stayed to see Alex learn that the Make a Wish Foundation will be sending the boy and his family to Hawaii.

“This has been his dream to do at the end of this long treatment,” said Jennifer Stolo of the Make a Wish Foundation.

It's a fitting conclusion to three very long years.

“I was scared because I thought I was going to die,” Quinoz said of his ordeal. “But, I had God with me and I’m safe.


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