California In An Earthquake Drought?

Now that California is out of water drought, there is still another drought for the state to worry about. Experts say we are in the middle of an earthquake drought.

A new peer-reviewed analysis points out that it has been five-years since the Napa quake, the last one in California measuring 6.0 or greater. It has been so long that they worry many of us are growing complacent.

Seismologists say earthquakes large enough to literally break the ground help relieve pent-up stress along tectonic plates, but there have not been any quakes of that magnitude along California's most active faults since the 1906 San Francisco earthquake, which measured 7.9.

Over the last one-thousand-years, there have usually been three or four ground-breakers every century.

The USGS offers real-time mapping of earthquake activity.


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