Storm Hits Chico Hard


Officials are saying that a Tuesday thunderstorm that dumped more than four inches of rain in 24 hours flooded several areas of Chico.

It rained so hard that vehicles were trapped in flash floods, and the runoff threatened homes, businesses, and several university buildings.

Chico State officials say some buildings suffered minor flooding but no significant damage. That flooding has not affected the class schedule, according to the officials.

The Enterprise Record reports that the storm dropped more than an inch of rain within 15 minutes Tuesday evening at one spot. That was confirmed by Chico meteorologist Will Farr.


There was at least one report of street flooding with as much as two feet of water at the peak of the storm.

Reportedly no one was hurt in the storm, but a California Highway Patrol officer said a woman was shaken up after her car spun out on a wet road before crashing.

Several videos posted on Facebook show the heavy rain reducing visibility on the road and flooding streets with muddy water.



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