California Soccer Fan Suing DMV Over Allegedly Racist License Plate

A California soccer fan has filed a lawsuit claiming that the Department of Motor Vehicles has violated his First Amendment rights by refusing to issue to him a personalized license plate he insists is only meant as a tribute to his favorite team. The DMV will not budge because officials said the plate might be seen as offensive by some.

The federal suit filed on Tuesday states that Jon Kotler applied for a plate with the letters COY-W. Kotler explained that those letters are an abbreviation of the slogan "Come on You Whites," used by the fans of the Fulham Football club in London.

The suit says DMV's official response was that the plate could be considered hostile, insulting, or racially degrading.

The DMV has declined media requests and notes that its personnel do not comment on pending lawsuits.

Kotler is asking that the DMV's criteria for personalized license plates be ruled unconstitutional.


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