Rancho Cordova Uber Driver Arrested For Attempted Burglary Of Rider's Home

Police say a Northern California Uber driver is facing burglary and attempted burglary charges for trying to break into the San Mateo home of a passenger he had driven to the San Francisco airport, then successfully burglarizing a different home.

38-year-old Jackie Wilson was arrested at his Rancho Cordova home the following day, according to the San Mateo Police Department.

Investigators said they were able to see surveillance video showing Gordon trying to break into his passenger's San Mateo home but running off after the alarm system was triggered.

Gordon allegedly did not give up, though. The police said he then went to another home a few blocks away and was caught on video burglarizing that one. Officers reported that home was completely ransacked, and multiple items were found to be stolen. However, the homeowner posted the surveillance video on a community sharing platform. Shortly after the post users that identified the suspect as an Uber driver who had just dropped off the residents the first house.

The police also noted that when Wilson was arrested at his home, detectives found some of the things which had been stolen from that second San Mateo home.

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