Robot Busted For Home Invasion

Deputies in Portland, Oregon responded to a possible home invasion, but the intruder they found wasn't alive or a person.

It was a robotic floor cleaner.

The Oregonian/OregonLive reports a house sitter in Portland-area community of Cedar Hills called 9-1-1, saying there was someone moving around inside the bathroom.

The Washington County Sheriff's Office says when deputies got inside the home with a K-9, they shouted and order for the burglar to come out, but there was no response.

When the deputies opened the bathroom door with their guns drawn, the saw an automated floor cleaner doing its thing.

Sheriff's Sergeant Danny DiPietro said this was the first time he had come face-to-face with a "Roomba burglar" during 13 years-long career in law enforcement.

He said the office is still "having a good laugh about it."


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