Unlucky Burglary Suspect Caught After Leaving Something In Victim's Home

The Placer County Sheriff's Office confirms a man is facing charges for an alleged burglary after he accidentally left his identification at a Granite Bay home.

Deputies said a woman and her daughter were returning to the home and claimed they found suitcases filled with their stuff and a trash can holding two of the rifles belonging to the woman's husband outside the home.

Shortly after seeing all of that they said they spotted 28-year-old Richard Holesapple walking out of the home, so the women chased him down. They told deputies that they caught up with Holesapple and had him pinned to the ground, but he was able to get away.

Unfortunately for Holesapple, investigators said they were able to find and arrest him last Friday in a field near the Granite Bay home he had allegedly burglarized because of a big mistake on his part.

Deputies quickly knew he was their suspect thanks to a California ID with his picture on it that the women had found at the house.


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