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San Francisco Now Has A Human Feces Map, Believe It Or Not

San Francisco officials admit that the city has its share of troubles with homelessness. The latest count is slightly less than 7,500. That is actually down more than 1,000 people from the homeless count done in 2004, according to the San Francisco Chronicle. Still, nearly a third of San Francisco's population is considered to be homeless.

With such a large number of homeless people there are related problems, including public drug use, trash and even human waste in the streets.

Now, has collected reports of human feces handled by the San Francisco Department of Public Works going as far back to 2011. They have created a map showing locations where city workers have had to respond to complaints.

There were 118 city neighborhoods affected, according to Forbes. However, as the publication notes, "72-percent of all cases since 2008 were reported in just ten neighborhoods." Those neighborhoods include over 30,000 reports in Tenderloin, more than 23,000 cases in South of Market, and close to 20,000 in the Mission district.

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