California May Take Back Some Of Your Tax Refund

California's Franchise Tax Board, which is the agency responsible for collecting state personal income and corporate income taxes, acknowledged this week that they made a mistake and sent money back to nearly 24-thousand taxpayers who may not have been due a refund.

FTB officials said there was a "system error" which resulted in refunds being sent to those people without checking to be sure enough money had been deducted from their paychecks. Because of that error, some people may have their state income tax returns adjusted.

It will take the FTB at least a few weeks to go over the tax return forms in question, but officials insist that only a small number of taxpayers will affected. Anyone who is affected will be contacted by the agency starting April 22, and if a change to their return is necessary, they will either get a bill in the mail or a refund for the amount they are owed.

The FTB also offers an online portal for checking the status of account. You may access it by clicking here.


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