Lawsuit Claims Democratic Chairman In CA Repeatedly Assaulted Employee

The California Democratic Party is facing a lawsuit file on behalf of an employee who claims he was routinely groped and sexually assaulted by former the organization's former chairman, Eric Bauman.

William Floyd told the Los Angeles Times that he was Bauman's assistant from March 2016 through November 2018, and that he was forced into consensual sex acts by Bauman at least three times. Floyd also claimed Bauman threatened him if the 28-year-old dared to cross his boss, according to the paper.

Floyd's lawsuit seeks damages for lost income, emotional distress, as well as pain and suffering. He also wants the court to grant punitive damages and order Bauman to cover his attorney's fees.

The lawsuit names the 60-year-old Bauman and the Los Angeles County Democratic Party as defendants.

Bauman resigned his post as chairman last November following claims of sexual misconduct made by staff members and activists.



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