CA Legislative Proposals Would Cover Illegal Immigrant Healthcare

Expanded health care coverage might be available soon for illegal immigrants living in California. There are several proposal being considered now in the State Senate and Assembly.

Health policy experts like Larry Levitt from the Kaiser Family Foundation have said such any such health insurance reform would be a first for the state and the nation. He noted that California and a few other states offer health care for illegal immigrant children, but that coverage is not available to most adults.

Competing bills at the Capitol in Sacramento would either offer coverage to all illegal immigrants over age 19 or to young adults and immigrants over age 65.

Governor Gavin Newsom has said he is willing to spend 98-million dollars a year on such health care plans, but not the billions of dollars some lawmakers seem to want.

Even if a compromise plan is approved by the California Legislature and signed by the governor, the Trump Administration might put up a road block. Recently, the White House proposed a rule designed to make U.S. residency harder if immigrants receive public assistance.

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