Trump Administration And California At Odds Over Vehicle Emissions

California and the Trump Administration seem to be heading for a legal battle over vehicle emissions. California's legislature is working on a long-term deadline for requiring all vehicles in state to be zero emission vehicles. At the same, the White House has been pushing to roll back standards, and that is leaving California Air Resources board chair Mary Nichols worried.

"It just sets up a very bad dynamic, and it's completely contrary to the way that we've worked ever since 1970 with federal government."

For decades now, California has received waivers by both Republicans and Democrats in the White House so the state can legally impose stricter air standards.

With the Trump administration in control it is possible California will have to go to court to continue receiving the waivers.

Nichols also said her board is looking to continue tightening up vehicle standards to push more drivers into more efficient cars.

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