California Legislature To Consider Ban On Roundup, Other Poisons At Schools

On Friday Democratic Assemblyman Al Muratsuchi from Torrance introduced a bill that prohibits the use of the herbicide Roundup at schools. Roundup, which contains the chemical glyphosate, has been blamed during recent court cases for causing cancer. Earlier this month a judge ordered the maker of Roundup, Bayer AG, to pay more than $2-billion to a California couple stricken with cancer.

"We need to protect our kids from toxic pesticides being used at our schools. Despite the industry’s denials, there is growing evidence that glyphosate, the active chemical in the weed killer Roundup, causes cancer. California should ban Roundup at our schools," Muratsuchi said.

Current state law encourages schools and day care centers to develop "toxic management practices" in an effort to limit the use of chemicals which could harm children. Despite that goal, California schools continue to use pesticides that are hazardous to developing bodies and organ systems, Muratsuchi said. He pointed to a California Department of Pesticide Regulation report which showed glyphosate, the rat poison strychnine, and the potential carcinogen bifenthrin, are three pesticides used frequently on California school sites. Roughly 75 percent of the use comes during school days, according to DPR.

California Couple Awarded $2 Billion Judgment From Monsanto - Thumbnail Image

California Couple Awarded $2 Billion Judgment From Monsanto

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