Trump Strikes Blow To CA Fight Against Possible Cancer-Causing Chemical

The Trump administration is telling manufacturers of products which contain glyphosate not to warn customers about the possibility that it is a cancer-causing chemical. This is generally seen as a move aimed at California and the state's legal battle against Monsanto which markets glyphosate as a weed killer.

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency announced that it won't be approving warning labels mentioning glyphosate as a known cancer-causing agent. Monsanto's biggest selling product containing the chemical is known as Roundup.

California law requires warning labels on products containing glyphosate because the International Agency for Research on Cancer has said it is "probably carcinogenic."

The EPA is not in agreement with that statement. The agency said its own research shows there is no public health threat posed by the chemical.

Monsanto sued the state in an effort to block those warning label requirements, and a federal judge sided with the company. California is not allowed to require the warning labels while the lawsuit is making its way through the court system.

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