Women Claim They Had Drugged Drinks At Local Bars, Davis Police Investigate

A total of ten women reportedly have now told the Davis Police Department that they believe they were victims of drink spiking at local bars going back to May of this year.

Three of the women who filed the most recent reports said they were also sexually assaulted after consuming the drinks.

A Davis police official told the Sacramento Bee that in those cases the women involved had been to several bars, so it is proving difficult to identify which one might have been where the alleged incidents happened.

Davis police have responded to the complaints with additional officers on foot patrols near area bars. In May of this year the earliest reports were from three women who said they had been drinking at Wunderbar on G Street and at Bistro 33 on F Street.

Police also are recommending that people who go out drinking do so with a group of trusted friends, and that they watch their drinks closely.

American Addiction Centers' Sunrise House offers similar advice online.

On their website they say if a person believes that they, or a friend, have had a spiked drink, the following are steps that can be taken to prevent further harm:

1. Recognize the symptoms of consuming a spiked drink, including feeling dizzy, faint, or sleepy.

2. Get to a safe place. Doing so could prevent rape or robbery.

3. Get trusted help from nearby police, bar security, or other emergency personnel.

4. Go to an emergency or you personal doctor to determine what substance was used and control the affects.

5. Stay in the company of trusted people who can help if a drugged drink is consumed.

6. Get psychological help. Experts say it can be vital for a victims of drink spiking.

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