Former SMUD CEO Highly Critical of PG&E Power Shut Off

One of the biggest critics of the current PG&E planned power shut off is former Sacramento Municipal Utility District General Manager and CEO John Di Stasio. Di Stasio told the KFBK Morning News that while he doesn't blame any of the people who work at PG&E, but he believes it's unacceptable that the utility giant is using unprecedented shut offs to mitigate wildfire risk.

"The reality is in planning how to mitigate that risk there's so many other tools available to them, and shutting off power just on widespread basis to me should be the last resort and should be avoided at all costs," insisted Di Stasio.

Di Stasio admitted he doesn't have intimate knowledge of the PG&E system, but he claims the company's smart meters should allow for a more surgical approach to the outages, for example.

Hear the John Di Staio interview with Cristina Mendonsa and Sam Shane below.

State Lawmaker Proclaims PG&E’s Power Shutoff Unacceptable
State Lawmaker Proclaims PG&E’s Power Shutoff Unacceptable
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