PG&E Apologizes For Holding Wine Party Just Before Planned Power Outage

Pacific Gas & Electric's Chief Executive Officer says he's sorry for a winery party hosted by company executives on the night before this week's planned power outages that left well over a million people without electricity, according to most estimates.

CEO Bill Johnson admitted in an interview with the San Francisco Chronicle that about a dozen executives working for the natural gas side of the company held a dinner party for about 50 to 60 of their largest customers on Tuesday at the Silver Oak winery's location north of Healdsburg.

Johnson said the party was insensitive, inappropriate, tone deaf, and noted that he would have stopped it if he had known about it beforehand.

PG&E, which is going through the bankruptcy process, hasn't said just how much the party cost, but Johnson claims it came out of shareholder profits and wasn't funded by ratepayers.

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