CA Supreme Court Considers Whether Trump Must Go Public With Tax Returns

California's Supreme Court on Wednesday heard oral arguments about whether President Trump must disclose his tax returns in order to be allowed on the state's primary election ballot next spring. This comes after a federal judge temporarily stopped implementation of a new state law requiring all presidential candidates to release their tax returns to be eligible for California's primary, and it follows a federal appeals court in New York ruling this week that Trump's tax returns can be turned over to state criminal investigators.

This case has moved quickly to the state's highest court, since the deadline to file tax returns for California's March 3rd presidential primary would be November 26th if the law remains in affect.

The justices seem to be skeptical about state law. During questioning of lawyers representing both sides they suggested the nation's first such law could potentially be expanded to include things like birth certificates and psychiatric records.

Arguing on behalf of the law a California attorney said lawmakers have discretion to set restrictions.

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