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Roseville Woman Becomes Publishers Clearing House Millionaire

America's newest millionaire is a 63-year-old woman from Roseville. Ronda Wagner was greeted at her home on Monday afternoon by the Publishers Clearing House prize patrol carrying balloons, champaign, flowers, and and an oversized check for $1.24 million dollars.

Wagner won the prize after entering the PCH Dream Home Prize contest, and her odds of winning were about the same as the lottery, according to Howie Guja with the prize patrol.

"Enter every single day, because that's what I do, and that's how I won," laughed Wagner.

"They'll get an option whether they want something paid out over time, like an annuity, or they can take a lump sum," said Guja. "Just to get them started, this winner today will receive a live check for $30,000."

Wagner says she plans to spend the money on her two children and she plans to go to Hawaii because she's never been.

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