Off-Duty CHP Officer Attacked By Teens In Bay Area Mall

An off-duty California Highway Patrol officer is recovering from injuries he received after being attacked by a group of teens at a mall in Emeryville. The officer was attempting to help a woman who accused the teens of stealing her cellphone.

Surveillance video from Bay Street Mall cameras shows the off-duty officer, who identified himself as Greg B. for an interview with KTVU, stepping in after the woman is shoved at least twice by two of the teens. He also attempted to take pictures of the teens with his cellphone camera, and that is when he was attacked. The officer was chased as he tried to run away. The teens surrounded him and began to strike and choke him.

Almost immediately mall security tried to break up the assault and were able to get a nearby Emeryville police officer to assist.

The CHP officer was armed but reportedly never drew his gun, while his girlfriend notified mall security that he was an off-duty officer. He reportedly suffered a concussion, a broken finger and bruises.

"I think this just came down to me not being able to look away and let this happen," he told the TV station. "I saw this young lady and she was going to be in a very bad situation."

A 14-year-old and 16-year-old were arrested for allegedly stealing the woman's cell phone. They are also facing charges of assaulting her and the CHP officer. Several others alleged to have been involved in the attack are wanted but haven't been found.

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