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Folsom-Based Group Hopes To Build Homeless City For All America In CA

Folsom-based Citizens Again is attempting to raise the funds necessary to build a 300-acre city to house all of America's homeless via a crowdfunding campaign.

Founder Duane Nason says the $3 billion project will house and provide needed services for up to 150,000 "qualified citizens" who will be able to come and go as they please. There's no mention of proposed sites for the city at this point.

The city would offer high density housing in the form of dormitories with sleeping quarters and communal bathrooms featuring private showers, according to a news release from Citizens Again. People choosing to live there would be issued RFID-enabled wristbands used to gain access to their living quarters. They would also have the option of performing various jobs to earn credits they could exchange for things like medicine. There would also be cafeterias and kitchens to provide food for the population.

The plan for the city also includes construction of tunnels, so supplies and service personnel will be able to get in and out with little disruption to life of each resident.

The ultimate goal would be help homeless people transition back into mainstream life.

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