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Dr. Drew's Unique Take On Sac Homelessness During State Of Downtown Speech

The keynote speaker during Tuesday's State of the Downtown gathering in Sacramento was Dr. David Drew Pinsky, more commonly known as Dr. Drew. He's an internist who is know as a doctor to the celebrities, he has dedicated years to work as an addiction medicine specialist, and as a media personality.

Dr. Pinsky arrived in Sacramento eary, walked the city streets, observed people living on those streets, and based on his history as a mental health care practitioner came away from the experience with the opinion that homelessness in the area is more of a mental health problem than a housing problem.

Governor Gavin Newsom, members of his homelessness committee, and state lawmakers has frequently pointed to a lack of affordable housing as the primary cause of California's growing homelessness problem.

Dr. Drew Pinsky at the State of the Downtown, January 21, 2020

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