North Bay Legislator Wants A Law Requiring You To Vote

Democratic Assemblyman Marc Levine, who represents Marin and Sonoma counties, wants to increase voter participation and has a plan for elections in California which mirrors the way the our court systems work.

"Democracy is not a spectator sport – it requires the active participation of all its citizens," said Levine. "California is a national leader on expanding voting rights to its citizens. Those rights come with a responsibility by registered voters to cast their ballot and make sure that their voice is heard by their government. This is not a time to be complacent at the ballot box."

However, Levine admits to NBC Bay Area that while his plan would be similar to jury duty, there wouldn't be a threat of fines or jail time for those who fail cast a ballot. That's why opponents say it makes no sense to enact a law without teeth. What's more, as it's currently written, the bill would require voters to cast a ballot, but there is also no requirement that the ballot be filled out, and it has no language addressing the issue of people who are eligible but aren't registered to vote.

The bill, which would begin in 2022 if approved, is currently in committee, and Levine says it is garnering some attention from other assembly democrats.

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