State Capitol COVID-19 Protests Cost CHP About $1 Million

The California Highway Patrol has reportedly spent close to one-million-dollars handling protests at the state Capitol in Sacramento by people angry about Governor Gavin Newsom's stay at home order. The tab includes the cost of overtime for officers and sergeants, as well as meals. However, not every was included in the financial breakdown provided in response to a Freedom of Information Act request filed by the Sacramento Bee. There is no accounting for the money spend spent cases of bottled water and protective equipment used by officers.

The cost to taxpayers is likely to keep climbing, since a protest that organizers are calling "Liberty Fest" is expected to take place at the Capitol on Saturday, and it may be the largest such COVID-19 related event so far.

A Los Angeles-based group calling itself Freedom Angels Foundation is promoting the protest and making arrangements on its website to transport people from Southern California to Sacramento.

"The State of California is tyrannically destroying the California economy, livelihoods, and the Constitutional Rights of HEALTHY free Californians," the website reads.

The CHP announced late last month that it would no longer issue permits for protests on state property, including the California Capitol building grounds, following demonstrations against the Governor's order at that time.

It's unclear if the Saturday protest has been permitted or not.

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