Gov Newsom's June 30 COVID-19 News Briefing: Helping The Homeless

Tuesday, Governor Gavin Newsom held his latest COVID-19 briefing to the state from just outside a Project Roomkey motel in Pittsburg, California. The visit to Contra Costa County meant to highlight progress that's been made in providing housing for homeless people that will keep them off the streets and reduce their chances of becoming infected or spreading infection during the pandemic.

The Governor also noted that Project Roomkey is morphing into Project Homekey, as part of a second phase in the state’s effort to protect homeless Californians from the pandemic. Homekey, he said, will be backed by $1.3 billion in newly available and eligible funding through the budget the Governor signed on Monday.

See the entire briefing below.

Newsom also noted that the number of positive tests, virus related hospitalizations, intensive care unit cases, and deaths continues to rise in California. Therefore, he plans to make an announcement on Wednesday regarding a change to the state's stay at home order for at least some parts of the state. The Governor saying he plans to pull back on the figurative dimmer switch he has frequently referenced in regards to the reopening of California during the pandemic.

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