Mask Exempt Cards; Fraudulent

Mask exemption cards have been seen all over the internet even though no one is “officially” exempt.

Many mask exempt cards even include the United States Department of Justice’s seal and claim to be backed by the Americans with Disabilities Act. However, an exemption card just does not exist.

“Fake ones exist by individuals trying to take advantage of people and selling them. Yes, those exist but there is no official mask exemption card,” said Dr. Dean Blumberg, Chief of Pediatric Infectious Diseases at UC Davis Children’s Hospital.

Blumberg explains people should not wear a mask if they can’t safely remove them if they are having trouble breathing. This might include children younger than two years of age, anyone who’s unconscious, incapacitated, or if their neurodevelopmental capacity means that they are unable to remove the mask without help. He also mentions people who already have trouble breathing like those with COPD. “But again those people, if they’re that sick that they can’t wear a mask, then they probably shouldn’t be out and about and potentially exposed to the virus because they are at high risk for complications if they do get infected.”

You can hear more about who shouldn’t wear a mask for health reasons and Dr. Blumberg also discusses some of the health concerns people have about wearing them.

Mask Exempt Cards; Fraudulent

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