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Placer County Church Vows Financial Support For COVID Defiant Businesses

For business owners in Placer County who attempt to survive the COVID-19 pandemic by staying open during the California lockdown, there might be some financial help available. Leaders of a Rocklin church have created what they call the "Placer Freedom Fund."

Pastor Greg Fairrington of Destiny Christian Church said in a social media post that some business people in his community made it through a prior stay-at-home order issued by Governor Gavin Newsom, but the pastor added that the latest coronavirus public health order has been could be the straw that broke the camel's back for businesses.

"I talk to small business owners who are devastated, who are not knowing how they're going to get through the next three weeks."

Fairrington said his church champions the right of business owners to stay open safely and responsibly support themselves and their employees. He has also been critical of Newsom in the past for the Governor's attempts to close churches during the pandemic.

Via the website, Destiny Church leaders have created a directory where business can register to rally community support in the form of continued patronage. Fairrington then decided that wasn't enough, so he reached out to business leaders in the congregation to establish the fund that can be used to make grants to small businesses during the Christmas season.

The money can used to pay employees, cover the rent, or just cover the cost of a company-sponsored holiday party.

At last report the fund had reached $20,000 and was growing.

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