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California's COVID-19 Death Toll Spikes Again

The California Department of Public Health Friday announced the most recent data on COVID-19, including the alarming number of 300 deaths in the prior 24 hours.

Infographic courtesy California Department of Public Health.

Data on intensive care unit (ICU) capacity across the state is also included. Current available ICU capacity by region:

  • Bay Area: 12.8%
  • Greater Sacramento Region: 14.5%
  • Northern California: 21.0%
  • San Joaquin Valley: 0.0%
  • Southern California: 0.0%

Once they fall below 15-percent of ICU capacity, regions must remain under the governor's stay-at-home order for at least three weeks and will be eligible to exit the order and return to the Blueprint for a Safer Economy only if ICU capacity projections for the following month are at or above the 15-percent benchmark.

As of now, the San Joaquin Valley and Southern California regions could exit the lockdown on December 28, while the Greater Sacramento Region will have to wait until January 1, and the Bay Area Region won't be eligible until January 8.

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