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Governor Newsom Condemns Violent Pro-Trump Protest At U.S. Capitol

Governor Gavin Newsom Wednesday strongly condemned the storming of the U.S. Capitol by Trump supporters during a debate by members of Congress on the 2020 presidential results.

"The people of California have spoken, and our congressional delegation should never have to fear for their lives to represent Californians," said Newsom. We are concerned for the safety of California's congressional delegation and U.S. Capitol staff, and are reaching out to offer support in every way possible. President Trump must call for an end to this escalating situation, acknowledge the will of the people to bring President-Elect Biden to the White House and move immediately to a peaceful transition of power."

The Governor insisted that peaceful protest is important to a democracy, but he called the violent actions of protesters who shattered windows and forced their way into the Capitol reprehensible and an outright assault to our democracy and Democratic institutions.

Newsom also chose to cancel his scheduled Wednesday afternoon COVID-19 update out of what he described as an abundance of caution to ensure the safety of Governor's Office staff.

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