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Protesters Storm U.S. Capitol, Force End To Senate Election Results Debate

It's chaos at the U.S. Capitol. Pro-Trump supporters have gotten inside the Capitol, prompting an evacuation of senators and members of the House. Tear gas has been deployed in the Capitol Rotunda and National Guard troops have reportedly been requested.

There are multiple reports of shots fired at the entrance to and inside the Capitol.

During an earlier rally in DC, President Trump urged supporters to march to the Capitol to protest what is going on inside as lawmakers try to formally ratify the results of the presidential election. Secret Service agents escorted VP Mike Pence out of the Senate chamber and took him to a secure location. 

The Capitol was locked down after security barriers were breached. Meantime, Washington, DC Mayor Muriel Bowser has ordered a citywide curfew from six o'clock tonight, Eastern time to six o'clock tomorrow morning.

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