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Governor Newsom Provides Latest Update On State's Response To COVID-19

California remains embattled with the COVID-19 pandemic as deaths and infections continue to rise. Although there has been only a six percent increase in total hospitalizations over the past 14 days, ICU capacity remains low throughout the state. The Southern California Region and San Joaquin Region's remain at zero percent ICU capacity. The Bay Area Region continues to struggle at 0.7 percent. The Greater Sacramento Region sits at 9.7 percent as of January 11th, and the Northern California Region is at 35 percent. The state is averaging 476 deaths every day over the past seven day period. Figures Newsom called "sobering."

As of January 11th, the state has inoculated over 783,476 people as of January 10th. The new goal for the state is to vaccinate an additional one million people by January 17th. Governor Gavin Newsom says this effort is an "urgent call across the spectrum" and it's imperative the state has "all hands on deck."

Newsom also announced an expanded pool to allow dentists and pharmacy technicians to administer vaccines. Additionally, nurse mid-wives, vocational nurses, EMT's, paramedics and respiratory care technicians are among the newly deemed certified administers. The state now has 15 National Guard strike teams available to help with the vaccination distribution process. Newsom's current focus remains on healthcare workers getting vaccinated, along with residents of long-term healthcare facilities.

Another major update in this week's briefing was the announcement that Dodger Stadium, Padres Stadium and CalEXPO in Sacramento will be among the first three major large scale vaccination sites. These locations are expected to be up and running by January 17th.

Another tool unveiled in the fight against the pandemic is the proposed $372 million dollars for vaccines in Newsom's latest budget. An additional $350 million is expected to be received from the federal government.

The first human to animal transfer of COVID-19 has been reported as two gorillas at the San Diego Zoo have tested positive for the virus.

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