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Woman Hospitalized After Using Gorilla Glue For Hairspray, Says She May Sue

A woman posted a now viral Tik Tok video showing her rock hard hair, saying that after several washes the product still has not been washed out of her hair. That product - industrial strength spray adhesive from Gorilla Glue. Tessica Brown's social media accounts document her struggle of trying to get the glue out of her hair, but to no avail. Brown says her hair has been in the same style for over a month. On Saturday, she went to the ER to try to have them remove the product but that did not work either.

The Gorilla Glue website says this spray adhesive is 100% waterproof and is meant for gluing tiles, wood or flooring for home improvement projects. The company has since responded to Brown's video and says this was not the intended purpose of the spray and that they wish her the best.

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