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More Than One-Million Californians Behind On Rent

More than a million Californians are behind on their rent. 

That's according to a new report by the Bay Area Equity Atlas and Housing NOW! California. As of the end of December, $3.7 billion in back rent was owed. Advocates for both renters and landlords call it a nightmare. A bill passed almost unanimously by the legislature last month allocates $2.6 billion in federal funds to partially reimburse property owners and protect renters from eviction during the pandemic. 

It pays landlords up to 80% of the rent due if they agree to forgive the other 20% owed between April 1st of last year and the end of March. If not, renters are protected from eviction if they pay at least 25% and owners can seek the rest in court, starting July 1st.

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