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Search Warrant Served In Connection To The Disappearance Of Kristin Smart

A search warrant is being served at a property in connection with the 'prime suspect' in Kristin Smart's disappearance. The San Luis Obispo Sheriff's Office says the warrant was served Monday morning at the Arroyo Grande home of one of Smart's former classmate's father - Ruben Flores. His son, Paul Flores, was the last person to see Smart alive, according to witnesses. Smart disappeared after attending a party in the small town of San Luis Obispo and was last seen with Flores. They were both students at California Polytechnic State University, more commonly known as Cal Poly. The Sheriff's Office says cadaver dogs and ground-penetrating radars are being used during their search over the next couple days. The search warrant has been sealed and investigators say the process could take up to two days to complete.

The Smart family has been private on the matter today, however they did release this statement: “We are encouraged by the news of today’s search of Ruben Flores’ property. We appreciate the vigilance and professionalism of Sheriff Ian Parkinson and his department and our family looks forward to learning more in the hours and days ahead.”

An investigative podcast looks into her disappearance and interviews former classmates and friends of Smart. Listen to the podcast here.

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