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Rallies In Support Of Asian Communities Held Throughout California

Sacramento joins other California cities to show support of Asian community.

The community gathered this past Saturday in Sacramento's Cesar Chavez Park to rally in support of the Asian community following the recent trend of spiked attacks against the AAPI community throughout the country. Local Asian businesses were highlighted and patrons were urged to support financially as well as joining future rallies. The Sacramento rally is one of many sprouting up throughout the state, with major cities like San Francisco, San Diego and Los Angeles following suit in order to bring awareness to the growing violent attacks towards Asian people as of late.

Following this weekend's protests, USA Today/Ipsos released a poll that found one in four people admit they've seen Asian-Americans blamed for the pandemic. Since the outbreak of the coronavirus from China, the Asian community has experienced a steady rise in hate crimes. News of the crime influx has even reached the Oval Office, with President Biden urging Congress to move forward on legislation addressing violence against Asian-Americans.

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