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Murder Suspect In Kristin Smart Case Makes First Court Appearance

The accused murderer and accomplice in the Kristin Smart case appeared in court for the first time, not entering any pleas before the arraignment was postponed. Paul Flores and father Ruben Flores both appeared virtually along with their defense team, who requested a protective order due to the public interest in the case. Paul, appearing in a dark suit, is being held without bail while Ruben appeared in an orange jumpsuit and is still being held on $250,000 bail. The arraignment and contested bail hearing will be heard on Monday afternoon. Following the appearance this morning, the Smart family released a statement calling the delay "not unexpected or surprising" but that they will wait patiently for "the final quest to bring justice to Kristin."

Paul Flores booking photo
Ruben Flores booking photo

This virtual court appearance comes a day after a bombshell press conference from the San Luis Obispo District Attorney Dan Dow. Paul is alleged to have been in process of or attempting to rape Smart when the murder was committed. They believe the crime was committed on the campus in Paul dorm room and that the father Ruben was an accomplice to help hide her body. The DA also reveled they believe they know where her body is located. Even with the accusations of rape, they are unable to charge him with any crime other than murder because of California's statute of limitations. The crime for rape expires after 10 years if it is not reported before 2017.

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